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Summer sales!FREE SHIPPING FOR 2 PAIRS OR MORE.Use promo code "vipc90" at checkout.

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SepRun reviews

I love this App

Review by Girl(Posted on 2021-09-01)

I have know idea how i got onto this site for shoes any way i been looking at vapor air max shoes on wish.n there shoes are dearer than this site. Love it. Thanx Skeptic

This colourway is sick and its

Review by Demayomichaela83(Posted on 2021-08-14)

Im a straight up sneakerhead Ive been collecting kicks before it was even a trend and normally Id never go for a sneaker this cheap but while glancing it just stood out more and more to me yes its a very plain looking shoe but I think thats what attracted me to it it would look good with shorts,jeans,and joggers so I bought them for like $65-70 at the time....omg was I surprised when I put my foot in these the insert is made of memory gel and you can literally wear them all day with no issues and like I said I usually buy all the newest jordans I have probably over $50,000 worth of kicks but these are just great to wear its almost like the plain style of a Cortez or a airforce1 low but way more comfortable obviously I wasnt looking to invest and make money off these but I still got a great sneaker that looks good and feels even better

Great deals!!!

Review by TateG(Posted on 2021-07-06)

Kobe shoe deals are amazing right now!!


Review by DC(Posted on 2021-06-22)

Read some reviews and even scam reports, I got the item I paid for in the exact amount of days they said it would arrive , granted communication with customers need to improve very happy with what I purchased and will shop there again !!

Adidas all day every day

Review by Earl(Posted on 2021-06-07)

comfy and love the colors

This site has recieved many ba

Review by Joec122(Posted on 2021-06-03)

This site is not fake it just takes a little longer to recieved theyre products.


Review by Sam Oneil(Posted on 2021-05-10)

Expensive but worth the price

Not a scam... at least not for

Review by Oliver(Posted on 2021-04-28)

The response time sucks. The reviews on the internet are not positive. But.... when I complained, they promptly refunded the money. (Which I will find a way to send back to them.) More importantly... the exact shoes that I ordered arrived... later than I was told. With much less communication from the store than should have been. But... they delivered. Perhaps others will have different experiences with this mysterious website, but at least in our case my daughter is now happy with the exact shoes she wanted at half the price of all the others. Please accept my apologies for thinking you were a scam.

good looking with good quality

Review by Calvin(Posted on 2021-04-27)

these shoes look really attractive for me

Very pleased

Review by Harry(Posted on 2021-04-17)

I am very pleased with my order and the quality it arrived in. The shoes look great and I will definitely be buying again on this website. I was weary at first from other peoples reviews however I cannot say I have had any issues at all. The staff were very helpful and friendly emailing me some extra details I needed.

To buy please can I get it in

Review by Kubia82(Posted on 2021-03-19)

I need it to buy in Nigeria please find it for me or show me how to order

These are pretty and comfortab

Review by Youssef(Posted on 2021-02-26)

Hello how are you . Is this still available


Review by Phatz(Posted on 2021-02-14)

I like them

preety cool shoes

Review by oofman66(Posted on 2021-02-05)

preety cool shoes

its a good shoe

Review by RyZe ツ(Posted on 2021-01-24)

nice shoe


Review by Precious(Posted on 2021-01-20)

Very nice shoes and excellent customer service, would recommend!

I love your sneakers

Review by Trukfit(Posted on 2021-01-11)

I’m fun and wanna join your family

great slide

Review by john (Posted on 2021-01-08)

amazing shoe


Review by lol(Posted on 2020-12-30)


Kick ass

Review by Reez(Posted on 2020-12-24)

Super incredible